Q: What is the reVIVE Course? 
A: The reVIVE Course is a 13-week program developed by Founder & Executive Director of Single MOMM, Jennifer Finnegan Pool to assist single moms in exploring who they are, what has gotten them stuck, and how to take courageous steps forward. Any single mom ages 18-118 can chart a bold and new direction for her and her family through reVIVE, and she doesn’t have to do it alone. Joining reVIVE will put her in a small group setting with other single moms that understand the ins and outs of single motherhood.

Q: Is there a cost to participate in this Course? 
A: Yes. There is a cost of $29 to take this Course. Scholarships are available. 

Q: How long does the Course run? 
A: This course is designed to meet once a week for 13 weeks, barring any national holidays such as Thanksgiving, that may cause a detoured week. You will get a schedule specific for your group at your first session.

Q: What topics are covered? 
A: We will work through your story to discover your thinking style, personal awareness, heart, strengths, and values. We'll discuss time management, dating, decision making, forgiveness, boundaries, relationships and finances. 

Q: Who are the Facilitators leading the groups and how do you become a Facilitator? 
A: To be eligible for consideration as a reVIVE Facilitator you must have completed the full reVIVE Course. Each Facilitator applies for this position then is carefully considered and chosen based on the growth made through their own reVIVE journey. 

Q: How many other women will I be in a group with? 
A: You will watch the reVIVE Session with a large group of other single moms and facilitators, for Group Time you'll break into smaller groups of 4-6 women.

Q: What happens if there is bad weather, will we still have reVIVE? 
A: We will keep close watch on the weather radar. If we decide to call of class, we will let you know either the night before, if you are attending a morning class, or within 4 hours of an evening class.  

Q: How are the sessions set up? 
A: At the beginning of each session, the entire group will watch a 15-20 minute teaching video that includes a two minute story from a reVIVE Alumni, a short teaching session from Jennifer (Founder and Executive Director of Single MOMM and the author of the reVIVE Course) and a round table discussion from real life single moms who get it. After the video you will break into small groups, which you will continue with each week for the whole 12 weeks, to work through the topic of the night. 

Q: Is childcare provided while I take the course? 
A: Childcare is provided for the Thursday evening class but not the Monday morning class. Each person hanging out with your kids on Thursday nights has been carefully screened and background checked.