The creation of The reVIVE Course came about from the need to have one on one mentorship coupled with peer to peer influence. After years of mentoring one on one we found that combining shared stories between single moms increased the personal awareness of each individual mom.

Many times we can see ourselves in other people’s stories. When we hear their stories we may see with clarity the reality of our situation or what needs to happen in our own lives.

The goal of the course is to increase a single mom’s personal awareness. In session two we talk about awareness and the importance of emotional intelligence. Being connected to and aware of your own story, needs, and abilities increases your success in life and helps in making wise decisions.

When we become personally aware of something unhealthy we can then seek to reframe it. Personal reframing is adjusting our perceptions and realities to what is true and applying it to the understanding of how we see ourselves, circumstances, and/or others. The more we see things with our eyes wide open the more we are apt to understand next steps and ways to maneuver through life’s ups and downs.

The unique approach with reVIVE is that it is a story-base curriculum. Each single mom can come to reVIVE at completely different stages in life, situations in life, and from completely different backgrounds and all belong because reVIVE is taken through the lens of each woman’s personal story.


01  Story
02  Awareness
03  Heart
04  Thinking
05  Values
06  Next
07  Forgiveness
08  Boundaries
09  Family
10  Dating
11   Time
12  Finances
13  Decisions


The reVIVE Course has three phases within the sessions.

Phase One are sessions 1-5 & Retreat: during this phase the course is focused internally. Their personal values, thinking styles, strengths, story, and personal awareness.

Phase Two are sessions 6-10: during this phase it is about the sticking points that get us stuck.

Phase Three are sessions 11-finale: during this final phase the participants explore life skill tools that include time management, finances, and decision making. These sessions focus on the practical application of the reVIVE material.


Our hope through the provided training is to give you a better understanding of the facilitator’s role, expectations, what you can anticipate, and the ins and outs of the course. Going through facilitator training does not mean you have to commit to facilitate.

Sometimes it is useful to go through the training before deciding if you want to commit to facilitating. If you are going through this training we are assuming you have purchased The reVIVE Course, are being trained through an organization (church, government service, nonprofit, etc.), or taking part in Single MOMM’s Traverse City facilitator training program. A written guide and accompanying training video are supplied. It is crucial you view the video training provided before beginning the course.

You may be starting a reVIVE Course small group in your home, leading reVIVE at your church, doing The reVIVE Course independently, or leading through a nonprofit or other organization. This course was created to go anywhere and is designed to focus on the personal stories of each one of us. This training will assist you no matter what setting you are using it in.

If you have decided to go through the course solo, this training will help you grasp a fuller understanding of the journey you are about to embark on. Not all the information in this session will pertain to you, but it is great information to consider if you decide to host a group later.

The reVIVE Course is not only a course, it is a community. To stay in line with the vision of women strengthening women through their own personal stories, vulnerability, and guidance Jennifer is available every Friday at 8a.m. to answer the Q&A’s of those that have purchased the course. This is a cost-free opportunity that you have access to when purchasing the course.


In creating the reVIVE Course Jennifer drew heavily from her own personal experiences, educational background in Family Life Education, the thousand of single mom stories she has had the honor to engage, her personal counseling journey, the work of Dan Allender, the work of her husband Jonathan Pool (, and many wise words from mentors both near and far.

She began writing reVIVE in 2013 and officially piloted this finalized version in 2016. Through this course single moms have seen improvement in the following areas:

95% Saw improvement in informed decision making
90% in self advocating and safe boundary setting
97% in knowledge of values and personal interests
86% in personal relationships, financial health, and personal responsibility
100% in emotional I.Q.
95% in healthy communication
90% in time management