Q: What is the reVIVE Course? 
A: The reVIVE Course is a 13-week program developed by Founder & Executive Director of Single MOMM, Jennifer Finnegan Pool to assist single moms in exploring who they are, what has gotten them stuck, and how to take courageous steps forward. Any single mom ages 18-118 can chart a bold and new direction for her and her family through reVIVE, and she doesn’t have to do it alone. Joining reVIVE will put her in a small group setting with other single moms that understand the ins and outs of single motherhood.

Q: Who is the reVIVE Course for?
A: Any single mom, whether divorced, widowed, or never married, who is seeking to take positive steps to move forward in her live. 

Q: How is the Course delivered?  
A: The course is delivered one of three ways, through a digital download, or shipped to your door in USB or DVD format.

Q: What topics are covered? 
A: We will work through your story to discover your thinking style, personal awareness, heart, strengths, and values. We'll discuss time management, dating, decision making, forgiveness, boundaries, relationships and finances. 

Q: Am I allowed to make copies of the materials I received when I bought the course, for the participants in the groups I will be facilitating? 
A: Absolutely yes! Make sure each participant and facilitator have access to their own copy of the course.

Q: Is the Course faith based? 
A: Yes and no. While you won't find a regular quoting of scripture or the gospel message laid out flat, Jennifer speaks from her story which is littered with her relationship with God and how has has walked with her through her life. 

Q: Can I take the Course alone?
A: While it isn't recommended, it is certainly an option. The reVIVE Course, while meant to strengthen the mom through her own awareness, is also meant to strengthen her through community with other single moms. She will still gain beautiful insight through taking the course alone, it is recommended to take in a group setting. If the course is taken alone, the participant should find a mentor or trusted friend to have by her side.