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Each session of the reVIVE Course is structured the same. The full group of women, however many that may be (from 3-300) will sit down to watch a video on the Session for the week. With topics ranging from thinking styles to personal awareness to dating, each session will have a 15-20 minute video about the topic of the week. 

Part One: Real Moms

Each session begins with a two minute story from a real single mom who has taken this Course before. She will speak about her experience with the week's topic. 

Part Two: Teaching

Next, Jennifer, reVIVE's Author and the Founder + Executive Director of Single MOMM, will teach on the week's topic. She'll give you a look into her story, insight on what she has learned traveling the journey of single motherhood, and give her perspective on the topic of the week.

Part Three: Table Time

 After teaching, you'll have the opportunity to sit in on a round table discussion between Jennifer and five single moms about the topic of the week. Through the 12 sessions you will get to know more about these moms, their journeys, and what they learned and experienced through reVIVE.

Part Four: Group Time

Finally, you'll break into your small groups (the one you'll meet with each week) and with the guidance of your Facilitator and your participant guide, walk through the topic of the week. You'll learn so much about yourself and about the ladies you're journeying with. Enjoy!

Please consider this complimentary session of The reVIVE Course Session titled Forgiveness: 

Session Seven Forgiveness Participant Guide

(click the link above to open the  PDF Participant Guide that can be downloaded and printed)


Session Seven Forgiveness Facilitator Guide

(click the link above to open the  PDF Facilitator Guide that can be downloaded and printed)