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In the fall of 2016 we launched a new series of events for single moms that have completed the reVIVE program and want to stay engaged with each other and Single MOMM. These events have been created to allow you greater access to what Single MOMM offers and gives you a place to dive deeper or simply celebrate where you are at. Check out our offerings below, sign-up for e-blasts, check us out on our private alumni Facebook page, and look through our calendar of events. If you have questions feel free to email us at info@singlemomm.org.

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Alumni Brunch

“Come to the table and continue the conversation”

Alumni Brunches are held four times a year for Single MOMM alumni. It is a time where we gather around a table, eat good food, and revisit different parts of the reVIVE course. During the introduction of reVIVE Jennifer shares that the course is like having one long, ongoing conversation that we will continue to have our entire lives. These brunches give space for this to happen. Jennifer will host each brunch with a limit of fourteen alumni per brunch, so sign-up early! There will be a topic card for each brunch that lays out what the conversation is going to center on. We also provide a sign-up sheet for each alumni to bring a dish to pass.  If you have ever wanted to talk more about one of the reVIVE topics, get feedback from others on questions you have, or continue to connect with others at a deeper level than these brunches are for you.

SOAK Workshop

“Immersing ourselves in our stories to find clarity for our futures”

SOAK is a one-day workshop with lunch included. The cost of SOAK is $10.00 and scholarships are available upon request. These workshops are held on Saturdays twice a year. During the workshop we encourage each alumni to bring their personal story. There will be engaging teaching, time for reflection, space to ask questions, and time to consider next steps. These workshops will help you take what you know about your personal stories, the values you have identified, the thinking style you lean towards, your strengths, heart, and help you explore each area deeper. It will be a time to gain greater understanding of why you are stuck where you are stuck, how to use your personal awareness to make great decisions, and how to consider the options you have before you. In a group setting you will have the ability to ask others for input and also the space to think through things on your own. Our lives consistently change and at times it is good to stop and consider where we are and where we want to be. Jennifer will be the instructor for each of these workshops and available the entire time to answer questions.