coming October 2017

The Essentials of Being a Single Mom: a video blog series dedicated to answering the basic questions most single moms ask when they enter single motherhood.

• Can I afford to keep my house?
• What do I do with my ex-in-laws?
• I don’t know if I want to change my last name?
• How do I find a job that will fit being a single mom?
• I don’t have my kids every holiday – what do I do?
• How do I raise my boy well?
• What should I tell my kids about our divorce?
• When should I separate my finances from my ex?
• Is it important to have a will?
• I feel bad having my ex pay child support – should I?

On the Night Stand

Inspired by the multiple single moms that use their nightstands to pile books, projects, homework, and daily task lists on. A video blog community led by Single MOMM Founder, Jennifer Finnegan Pool. Every Sunday evening look for a new video blog post to watch, and then join a conversation on the topic with other single moms seeking to do single motherhood well.

Sunday evenings were hard for me as a single mom. I never quite felt ready for the coming work week, my feelings of loneliness would peak, and I would crawl into bed early with so many books and stuff on my nightstand it would overflow onto my bed. I found encouragement and hope in the pages of books from women that had gone before me or were on the same journey as me. I want every single mom to have this sense of belongingness, encouragement, and hope. “On the Night Stand” focuses on the topics that matter to single moms in a deliverable that is easy to watch, quick to read, and fast to connect on.
— Jennifer